• Character design
  • Comedic screenplay writing
  • Storyboarding/pacing
  • Timing to music
  • Keyframing

I am interested in producing creative projects with YOU. This is it. Cartoons are everything. You ever walk away from a fight and not do anything? But when you walk away you imagine an anvil or piano smashing their faces? That's how my mind works! Like a cartoon! And I want to work with YOUUUUU.

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  • LAMP Stack PHP/MySQL/Apache
  • API design using RAML (open sourced)
  • Backend: Symfony/Doctrine, Zend, Slim/ActiveRecord
  • Frontend: jQuery/Backbone/Angular
  • AWS: EC2, SWF, Redshift, DynamoDb
  • WebRTC: Node.js
  • Responsive web design

I made this god damn website. I work fulltime as a senior engineer, but I enjoy helping people out with my cyberwebbing and create-o abilities. I have worked with non-profits, artists, musicians, educational organizations, and others, in the service of freelance web design and development.

Let's do business.

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One of my favorite Chris Farley moments

In preparation for #SNL40, I spent the day going back through some old seasons. Especially the early 90’s when Chris Farley and Phil Hartman were in the cast [and still with us  ]. This is one of my *favorite* Chris moments, with the ensemble cast of his friends and contemporaries. It’s a cut from one … Continue reading One of my favorite Chris Farley moments


Long live Robin Hood and Maid Marian!

Disney’s Robin Hood has always been one of my favorite old Disney traditional feature animated films. Well after the golden age (Snow White, Dumbo) and well before the resurgence (Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast) this movie sits almost perfectly in 1973. It’s just the perfect year for that film given the content of this movie, … Continue reading Long live Robin Hood and Maid Marian!


Mike Judge interview by John Kricfalusi (1995)

This is one of the greatest interviews I have ever read. It’s from July, 1995 when I used to subscribe to animation magazines. I just love these guys and I can’t believe there was an interview with them. It’s from a time when subversive animation by independent animators was just starting to happen. It is … Continue reading Mike Judge interview by John Kricfalusi (1995)


I'm located in NYC. Here's how you can find me.

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