• Character design
  • Comedic screenplay writing
  • Storyboarding/pacing
  • Timing to music
  • Keyframing

I am interested in producing creative projects with YOU. This is it. Cartoons are everything. You ever walk away from a fight and not do anything? But when you walk away you imagine an anvil or piano smashing their faces? That's how my mind works! Like a cartoon! And I want to work with YOUUUUU.

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  • LAMP Stack PHP/MySQL/Apache
  • API design using RAML (open sourced)
  • Backend: Symfony/Doctrine, Zend, Slim/ActiveRecord
  • Frontend: jQuery/Backbone/Angular
  • AWS: EC2, SWF, Redshift, DynamoDb
  • WebRTC: Node.js
  • Responsive web design

I made this god damn website. I work fulltime as a senior engineer, but I enjoy helping people out with my cyberwebbing and create-o abilities. I have worked with non-profits, artists, musicians, educational organizations, and others, in the service of freelance web design and development.

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I'm located in NYC. Here's how you can find me.

Let's do business.