Illustration: Untitled (#blm)

It would be unfair for me to steal the words from this girl’s sign. The figure reference for this #drawing is from the blog header of President Obama’s recent post on Medium about … well you know. Go see that post and read her sign and BAWL PROFUSELY. Doing this drawing seriously helped my mental health which is waning like everyone else’s is. Aside from giving I think some civic homework probably needs to be done (certainly by myself). It’s impossible to think this configuration we have settled on can work any longer. It’s like insisting on using dusty-ass Windows95 when it’s 2020 ya ding dong. To anyone insisting on still using Windows95 I say gag on that beige Radio Shack mouse. 🖱️💿 #reconfigureOrContinueSucking #upgradeOrContinueSucking #windows95isObsoleteBitch 📀💿💿 #sketchbook #love ♥️♥️♥️♥️